It's John Morgan here, KRTU Indie Overnite intern, introducing new music from Austinite Matthew Squires. Critics are hailing his new album, Tambaleo, as cosmic-folksy gold, and it's always great to see recognition of a Texas musician on a national scale. Hopefully we can get him through San Antonio at some point. In the mean time, take a listen and read a bit of what his promoters had to say about the album Tambaleo...

"The styles and influences of the arrangements vary widely from track to track, drawing from artists as diverse as Television, Paul Simon, and early Modest Mouse. The songs consistently manage to surprise with a peculiar — even ironically self-aware — twist on a tried-and-true approach. Squires has taken up and fully met the challenge of drawing a great amount of influence from a wide variety of artists, while managing to tie them all together in a way that is wholly unique.
In an era with so much music so widely available, it’s a great relief to hear something which stands out so firmly. Tambaleo is an album of truly masterful songwriting which offers to touch your heart, mind, and spirit in one stroke, leaving you a little better off than you were before you heard it."
-Terrorbird Radio

Check out Matthew Squires' Bandcamp, right here!!


Real Estate just announced their new album, titled In Mind. This will be yet another sweet Indie Pop release from Domino, coming to the market on March 17, 2017!

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