Sources reported on Wednesday that Ty Segall, 29, was cleaning up the remains of a heavy metal vomit party when a serendipitous interaction occurred between his foot and a prized Fender Jaguar.

“Next thing I knew, an entire concept album was born,” said Segall, playing a few tracks from his computer.  “These are just some demos--the whole thing should be finished in a day or so.”

Segall, high off the recent release of his ninth solo album, sees no problem with producing copious amounts of new material every year. “In this day and age, if you really want to make an impact in the industry, it’s about quantity, not quality.  At the rate I’m going, I figure I’ve got a few more years of three-minute recycled punk riffs left in me before I lose relevance and start working the casino circuit.”

When asked about the public confusion that might ensue over releasing yet another self-titled album, Segall seemed unperturbed. “Honestly, it’s a shame that reporters only get to use the word “eponymous” once in a musician’s career. I’d like to change that.”

General reception to Segall’s new work has been warm, if decidedly unfocused:

“Honestly, I’m not sure which one I like more--the Ty Segall album, or telling people that I like Ty Segall,” said Todd Johnson, 24, who is currently exploring career options. “At this point, does it really make a difference?”

Well put, Todd. Well put.

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