Brief comment about college radio...

One of my jobs as the Indie Overnight Music Director is to submit new music we like to CMJ, a college music journal that works similarly to Billboard Hot 100, but isn't total rubbish.

Anyways, they have not been doing their job lately, and many promoters and labels in the music world are baffled. Their essential duty is to display the top 200 albums in college radio. However, for the past month they haven't displayed a single chart. Why are promoters baffled? Because they simply can't figure out which albums in college radio are getting spins.

With that said, music is still being made. Albums are still getting released. So the music world isn't dead, but it does mean we need to be more supportive of new music we appreciate and promote it to foster the right audience and give it the attention it needs. This gives many music communities the opportunity to be become primary sources for what music is being supported. Keep sharing new, exciting things on your outlets. The college music world just got a little more independent. 

Speaking of new music...

Alex G - Bobby (single)

I had the pleasure to interview this artist back in 2015, and it was one of the best conversations I've had with a fellow musician. A lot of wisdom and emotion he emitted. It was right after the released Beach Music, his debut album with Domino Records. That album was n emotional roller coaster, and I'm sure his new one will be the same. Check out the new music video for the single "Bobby" off his upcoming album, Rocket, which'll be out in May 2017. 


Jay Som - Everybody Works

Jay Som has just released a new album. Why am I excited about it? Because she is making her way into the current, creative pool of female-bedroom-pop artists,  like Mitski and Japanese Breakfast. Jay Som's pop is a little poppier in my opinion, but her guitar riffs, vocals, and lyrics make you zone in and think. That's when you feel it.

On top of that, this album is released from Polyvinyl. In my opinion they haven't released the best material lately. This is something a little better.

Check out her album on Bandcamp...