Olmos Park may have lost a local favorite last week, but Whataburger is here to dry your tears with no less than 1,000 taquito wrappers.

That’s right: Whataburger is offering one lucky fast food buff the chance to win $1,000 dollars to donate to the charity of his or her choice, with the taquitos to match it (don’t worry, the taquitos are yours to keep.)

To enter, follow @WhataburgerLife on Snapchat on Snapchat, and send them a video detailing what exactly how you will disperse your taquito cash.  The winner will be announced next Wednesday, September 20th, via the company’s social media accounts.  It is unclear as of yet whether the taquitos will be rationed out to the winner or dispensed all at once.

If curating your Snap story isn't enough to keep you busy, Radiohead has released a new video for "Lift," the 90's hit that never was.  To refresh your memory, "Lift" was recorded back in 1997 for OK Computer but was nixed from the final track listing, not to be released until this year's 20th anniversary reissue, OKNOTOK.  

The video for "Lift," directed by Oscar Hudson, is chock-full of Easter eggs for the die-hard Radiohead fan.  The video opens with Thom Yorke's girlfriend, Dajana Roncione, and his daughter Agnes pushing the buttons on an elevator, before delving into Yorke interacting with notable people who enter and leave the elevator, including the purple-hatted guy from "Paranoid Android" and the shoeless man from "Karma Police." It's a sly nod to 90's-era Radiohead, with plenty of other throwbacks hidden in plain sight for the discerning viewer.  Try your hand at it below: