Mark your calendars. KRTU will be sponsoring the following shows later this spring:

Fleet Foxes - May 8th at the Tobin Center

Dr. Dog with special guest Son Little - May 14th at the new Rustic San Antonio


Drawing influences and inspiration from musical titans Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Brian Wilson, Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset formed Fleet Foxes in 2005. After the critical success of their EP Sun Giant and their eponymous 2008 debut, Fleet Foxes made a name for themselves in the indie/folk rock community. The group has been touring since early 2017 to promote their highly-anticipated third album Crack Up.

Formed from Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken’s music projects, dating all the way back to eighth grade, Dr. Dog have become a household name within the indie music scene. Working to release their tenth album entitled Critical Equation later this April, Dr. Dog is embarking on the subsequent promotional tour starting in early March.


Praise for Fleet Foxes:

  • “The band’s third album [Crack Up] is their most complex and compelling to date.” - Ian Cohen; Pitchfork

  • Crack-Up unites a dazzling array of material under Pecknold’s voice.” - Andy Cush; Spin

  • Fleet Foxes earned the Number 47 spot on Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Albums of the 2000s List


Praise for Dr. Dog:

  • “When they took the stage. . .they rolled into a loose, compelling groove and spouted wisdom such as ‘there's a pistol and a crystal underneath my pillow.’” - Gavin Edwards; Rolling Stone

  • “From a distance, Dr. Dog's members might look like dime-a-dozen indie rockers, but few of those bands could come up with something [Be the Void] this smart.” - Tom Moon; NPR


Pre-sale tickets for Dr. Dog with Son Little are available for purchase here for KRTU listeners using the promo code: KRTU.


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