Welcome to KRTU's Heavy Rotation. As each month comes to a close, the KRTU interns share their favorite albums, songs and artists that they've been spinning throughout the month, allowing readers to delve into some groovy tunes of your own. All artists, albums and songs will be linked to their respective streaming services for your listening pleasure. 

Angela (@ourrepubliconthebeach)

Favorite Album: Trick - Alex G

Favorite Song: Tailwhip - Men I Trust

Favorite Artist: Chet Baker



Favorite Album: Live at the Old Quarter - Townes van Zandt

Favorite Song: Only Him or Me - Townes van Zandt

Favorite Artist: Townes van Zandt


Dom (@hippiecoffeedom)

Favorite Album: Like a Baby - Jerry Paper

Favorite Song: Did I Buy It? - Jerry Paper feat. Mild High Club

Favorite Artist: Jerry Paper


Favorite Album: Trench - Twenty One Pilots

Favorite Song: Chlorine - Twenty One Pilots

Favorite Artist: Twenty One Pilots

Kathleen (@kathlame)

Favorite Album: First Flower - Molly Burch

Favorite Song: To The Boys - Molly Burch

Favorite Artist: Sidney Gish


Tom (@thomvanzandt)

Favorite Album: Wishes - Best Witches

Favorite Song: Sunshine - Eric’s Trip

Favorite Artist: Eric’s Trip