Earlier last month, four barefoot interns and six musicians made the trek up to the fourth floor roof of the McLean dormitory on Trinity's campus to record the first of KRTU's Skyline Sessions. Making their way down from chilly Chicago, Paul Cherry and his five band mates performed music from both his 2014 EP On Top and his recently released LP Flavour. In between transporting equipment up and down the elevator and finalizing the logistics of the band's setup, the interns and musicians talked and bonded under the hot Texas sun. The boys were excited to be in Texas for their first time, and told me they were pleasantly surprised with how nice the weather was in San Antonio for an April afternoon.

Beginning their set with Hey Girlthe band launched into a five song set demonstrating their versatility as musicians and their ability to transition almost effortlessly from one song to the next. Originally featured on On Top, Hey Girl was played for us with a smoother sound than that on the EP, and was used as the transitory song for The Comeback. Similarly, So Easy, originally released as a single in 2015 and again on Flavour, was revamped and used to transition into This High, the second track on Flavour. Closing out the set with Your Letter, the band drove their performance home with a driving bassline, steady drum beats, and plenty of synth-driven chords. 

Paul Cherry joined us for a brief interview in McLean's 420 Lounge and gave us some insight into his recording process, influences, and his connections with other artists such as Anna Burch and Mild High Club.

To watch the first episode of KRTU's Skyline Sessions click here. 

Paul Cherry's new album Flavour is available for streaming/downloading everywhere now.