Rap group Minus Gravity is currently based out of Los Angeles, but each of its members, Mic Apollo, Sir Blaze and Rob Wil, is proudly San Antonian. After recently signing to Capitol Records, the group has recorded heavily in anticipation of their forthcoming EP due early this year. Minus Gravity will be joining eight other artists at KRTU’s Spring Showcase March 7th at Paper Tiger. This interview was broadcasted on KRTU’s Live and Local with Albert Salinas.

Albert Salinas: How’s life been treating y’all?

Mic Apollo: Man, life is lovely. We just happy to be back in the city, you know. San Antonio, we here, thanks for having us again, but LA is lovely sunsets, lot of music, lotta vibes.

Sir Blaze: We just been working, youknow. We got a lot of stuff coming up soon. Nothing like being back in San Antonio, though.

AS: Can you give us some back story? You guys are doing good things over on the West Coast now, but I’m sure it wasn’t easy road to get there. How did all that come to be?

MA: I met Blaze in middle school on the Northwest side of San Antonio sixth grade. We were probably 13, Stevenson Middle School. We were the only ones in school. We each had our CDs, selling ’em for five dollars or whatever. We were like “You do music?” “Aw, you do music, too?” We were kind best friends, and we’ve been making music together ever since. It’s crazy, even looking at it now.

AS: Were yall out of the country recently? Performing out of state?

MA: We just got back in the country about a month ago. London, Paris, Italy. We hit all the fashion weeks for the first time. I can’t wait to go back.

SB: Unbelievable.

AS: Yeah, you gotta represent San Antonio over there.

MA: Everywhere we go. What’s crazy is how many people from San Antonio that’s actually in the industry that you wouldn’t even hear about especially in LA.

AS: I think because of San Antonio’s humbleness, you don’t always see all the work being put in.

MA: Exactly. To make it out of here, you gotta put some work in.

AS: Are y’all gonna be doing anything in San Antonio?

MA: Stay tuned. We got some dope events coming up in San Antonio. We’re going to bring a whole cool little vibe to the city. We want to bring something different to the city. We’ve been all around the world; it’s just trying to bring it back here. We’ve played at at least every venue in San Antonio.

SB: For instance, Bar 11. Anyone remember Bar 11, bro? Let’s be real. We did Saga, The Loft, and this is all one club. We’re naming one club. That’s how long we’ve been here. Shout out, San Antonio.

MA: Yeah, shout out, San Antonio. There’s a lot of things going on, there’s a lot of people doing things. We just want to shed light as much as we can.

AS: That’s what we need. There’s so much great talent, but we need that spotlight to be honed in on San Antone.

SB: The real thing about San Antonio, I know a lot of people because we’ve been in this city. A lot of people be sitting around always talking about turning the city on, or putting the city on, putting on for the city, so I’ma tell y’all about putting on for the city. We have artists in this city that signed after Minus Gravity signed with Capitol Records.

MA: If you’re in San Antonio and you make music, you’re producing, songwriting, hit us up, and we’ll do whatever we can.